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Uptown counts on generous individuals who make unrestricted contributions to Uptown each season in order to produce the highest quality, most exciting music theater featuring the most talented performers, designers, and technicians. Ticket sales only cover about 50% of our nonprofit’s budget. Our generous supporters make all the difference in our ability to shine.

Thank you, donors. We are grateful.

Friend - $25 or more

Helen Boris, Marianne Embree, Kim Gaffen, Sammi Gassel, Jamie Gross, Sarah Hoffman, Jim Hospodarsky

Supporter - $50 or more

Ida Edwards, Jori Margolis Cash, Madeline Franklin, Nancy and Mike McEntee, Carlos Perez-Turcios, Sharon and Michael Stein, Melissa Thal, Joe Vitaterna

Patron - $100 or more

James Anixter, Teri and Steve Barnett, Ryan Elliott, Donna and James Gottlieb, Rosa Machabanski, Diane and Jim Moore, Gail Rotheiser, Scott Shallenbarger

Benefactor - $250 or more

Alison Aldrich, Chris Finch, Sarah Hall, Tracy Jacobson

Producer - $500 or more

Jamie Davidson,  Matthew Evans, First Bank of Highland Park, Larry Mason, Aaron Miller, Sunset Foods

Visionary - $1000 or more

Highland Park Community Foundation, Mesirow Financial

Donate via credit/debit card or Paypal:

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Donate via check:

Uptown Music Theater of Highland Park
184 Leonard Wood S
Highland Park, Il 60035 

Uptown Music Theater of Highland Park is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Organization

Please include your name, address, email, and telephone number when making your donation Thank you very much!

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